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Partial review as I have not seen the whole series, I am on to episode 4. Pretty cool series, the premise is what if you died and were placed in a heavin’ish place with a similar life, would you want to live that life again. The show stars Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen of Saturday Night Live fame. Rudolph’s performances through episode  4 have been the most surprising, her character has a subtle depth. Armisen plays a bit of characature, perhaps thats the intent, but I am usually aware I am watching Armisen vs losing track of the actor. This is not the case with Rudolph who works the deeper character. Looking forward to continue to watch, I stumbled on this one a bit, but I am glad I did. 

Spoiler Alert - Review after finishing season 1

Finished up the series which runs thru 8 episodes. This one was a strange one overall. Was a little bored at first, found the middle compelling and was disappointed by the end.  The beginning was a bit uneventful but led to a some interesting reveals in the middle. The end of the series left me a bit underwhelmed. The last few episodes centered around the Maya Rudolph character June decides to take an option to go to Oceanside and leave the Armisen character Oscar. She’s bored with her life and wants to not relive it every day. Oceanside turns out to be a Great Gasby like house with decadent people doing decadent things. They have an annual cleansing which is a page out of Burning Man in which they set on fire all of the items they have gathered over the last year. June discovers that her boring life was a making of her own and ends up going off with Oscar who came to win here back and tell her off at the same time. In summary, an interesting series, but suffers from a weak climax.  

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