Review- Two Night Stand on Amazon Prime

SPOILER ALERT - Don’t read unless you have seen movie.

Two Night Stand is a cute romantic comedy starring Miles Teller and Analeigh Tipton. Analeigh’s character Megan gets pressed into hooking up on a dating app after a bad breakup in which her boyfriend cheated and wanted out. She finds Teller’s character Alec on the app and heads over to his place In Brooklyn. They end up getting snowed in and after some up and down moments end up starting to fall for each other. That is until Megan discovers Alec has a live in girlfriend that is away. He explains it by showing her a breakup note that he found that had not been sent to him yet. As you can imagine, that was the boy loses girl moment and through some completely unrealistic set of event he finds her again and wins her back. As a standalone movie it has its moment and is somewhat entertaining. The two main characters pull off chemistry which can be a very challenging thing to do. 

On a social note, this is part of everything wrong with media. Believing that two people can meet this way with recent and current relationships pending is a message that anyone watching would find hopeful. Unfortunately we know that starting something before truly finish something else off doesn’t work both logically and statistically. A

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